About Us

Our channel Ahsas is socio-spiritual-cultural television channel. Our channel Ahsas is launched with the objective of providing solutions for overshadowing and eliminating lower instincts of man by bringing out the noble qualities. 

Ahsas television channel will provide content, which fulfills the spiritual needs of the worldwide Asian Indian community spread across the globe. It attempts to provide holistic entertainment to the audience through alternate religious programs, interactive astro-solutions, spiritual content and mythological and socially relevant movies and serials. Along with these, religious discourses by gurus and spiritual masters are also aired on the channel. With our eyes on global markets and the younger segment of viewers, the channel offers holistic entertainment with the objective of enriching the everyday life of the common man.


भजनों के रंग नंदू भईया के संग देखिए सिर्फ अहसास टीवी चैनल पर सांय 06:30 से 07:00 तक